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Buy a Pink Kit

The Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better®
– by the Common Knowledge Trust - 2004

The Pink Kit Package will give you THE BEST CHANCE of having a natural childbirth.  It’s worth every single penny you pay for it and if you do the exercises regularly during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, you WILL be prepared for labor and birth.
The original boxed set included:

- Book (90 pgs): Essential Preparations: How the Body Works in Labour and How to Prepare For It.

- Video Tape / DVD (157 min): What You Can Do: Practical exercises to prepare your body for childbirth, and techniques to use during labour.

- Audio Tape / CD (90 min): The Internal Work: Preventing trauma to the birth canal.


More info on additional resources in the Original Pink Kit Package.


Pink Kit Package (New - 2011) - DVDs & CDs




Pink Kit Package - Digital Download of 40 Modules & 2 Audio MP3s




Birthing Better - eBooks



- Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
- Staying in the NOW
- Teamwork: Teams Work

These ebooks are three of the 40 'pick and choose' that you'll receive in The Pink Kit package. The Pink Kit Package also includes a DVD and 2 audio CDs. Some people want to sample what's in the resource. If you're purchasing The Pink Kit Package, do not buy any of these 3 eBooks ... They are included in the Pink Kit.




"Just For...." series - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean - pdf book



Notes - Buy a Pink Kit (old link)