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Birth Spa Rental - Basic Kit

Our Birth Spa Kit includes the frame (8 wall panels & 8 corner joints), blue vinyl liner, circulating heater (Spa2Go power pack) , 2 filters, drain pump, faucet adapter, floating thermometer, removable gray pool cover, debris net & instruction booklet.

Accessories Kit - Deluxe

We also rent an accessories kit with fill, siphon, and drain hoses, plastic tarp / floor covering, clear or white intake hose for filling (25' or 50'), anchor tube, green drain hose, 10’ dark green connection hose for the drain pump, quilted floor pads to put under the pool for extra cushioning, Y connector to put between the faucet adapter & fill hose, hose cap, universal adapter for damaged or non-standard faucets, shower adapter, angled birth mirror, waterproof flashlight, foot tub, gloves, kneeling pad, booster seat, spa pillows and a waterbirth video.

Description of the Deluxe Accessories Kit

Set-Up Service

Includes assembling the pool and heating pump (Spa2go power pack) at the place of your choice, and staying with the tub until it is completely filled and ready to use.  This is a great service so that you can concentrate on what you and your partner need to do in order for you to have a safe, calm, and relaxing labor.  Let us take away the worry about the pool for you!

Take-Down Service

Includes draining the pool, cleaning the pool, and packing up & removing the pool from the place of your choice - hospital or home.  This leaves you time to enjoy your new baby without having to worry about the messy clean-up.  If not using our set-up service, please call Birth Essentials when you are in labor so that we can be on stand-by to be ready to pick-up the re-packaged pool.  Most hospitals require that the pool be dismantled and removed from the room within 1 - 2 hours after birth, so please give us ample time to be prepared for this pick-up.

Please Note: We are now only offering Delivery, Pickup, Set-Up & Take Down Services to pool renters who are also birth clients.

Pool Renters who are not using our birth services will need to pick up the pool kit at the beginning of the rental period, and return it to our office at the end of the rental period.