Childbirth Education
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Childbirth Education

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  Morning Sickness & Growing a Healthy Baby

    Learn about morning sickness and the many traditional remedies women can use to address this common discomfort of pregnancy. Discussion also covers prenatal exercise and nutrition requirements when eating for two.

  Using Herbs During The Childbearing Year

    Herbs have traditionally been used to heal for centuries.  Several herbs that are normally considered safe for use at any other time should be used in moderation or avoided altogether during pregnancy. Learn which herbs are safe to use during pregnancy and lactation and which ones are not.

  Options in Birth

    Learn about birthing at home and at the hospital. Discussion will cover the role of midwives and doulas on the birth team.  Included is an overview of testing that is currently available and discussion on the safety of diagnostic procedures and the accuracy of test results.  The class will see a video on the benefits of having a doula at birth.  A short video with some graphic birth footage will also be shown.