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One-Day Introductory

Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better®

Childbirth Skills Workshop

~ A Whole New Approach to Having a Baby ~


What is the Common Knowledge Trust?

          The Common Knowledge Trust was created to share traditional and indigenous health and wellness information worldwide.  From work done over the last 30+ years in western obstetrical settings, the Trust has collected thousands of birth stories and experiences, and has distilled “common knowledge” surrounding modern pregnancy and childbirth preparation into The Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better®.

Learning Childbirth Skills

Contrary to popular belief, childbirth skills can be learned by pregnant women, their partners and anyone else who will be supporting women during childbirth.  Most doctors and midwives (even home birth attendants) have trouble understanding this concept.  Doctors and hospital staff offer drugs and epidurals if women are unable to cope, and midwives feel that labor and birth is an "intuitive" process that women need to "surrender" to and figure out how to cope with on their own.  While intuition and surrender are important aspects of birthing effectively, women with skills report less pain, feel more in control of their bodies, and perceive their births as much more positive experiences.  Experience shows that these skills are easy to learn and pass on to others, but are most effectively acquired by practicing regularly in the privacy of your own home.

What is The Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better®?

          This practical pregnancy and birth information presents a new and fresh approach to childbirth that can be used by all women in all birthing situations.  The 'method' focuses on creating a relaxed and open body so that the baby can come through it more easily, and on learning and integrating a range of practical and time-tested skills so that couples can manage the intensity of the labor experience.  Fathers are especially enthusiastic about The Pink Kit, and some dads have called it "The Birth Toolkit for Men”.

Although the outcome of any particular birth can never be foreseen or guaranteed, statistics & graphs show a 75% reduction in C-sections & other interventions for couples that practiced the Pink Kit skills regularly before birth.

How can The Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better® help couples manage labor?

This class will give expectant parents experience in:


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