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Benefits of Water Birth

Giving birth* in a calm, warm, and soothing environment sounds inviting to most mothers. If water is where a mother wants to be and there are no medical complications to prohibit her, then water is where she will feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

In this tranquil setting, a woman’s body is free from gravity’s pull and sensory stimulation is reduced where her body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones. This allows her body to produce pain inhibitors called endorphins which complement labor.

There are also psychological benefits to laboring in a birthing tub. Water allows the mother to feel more in control of her environment which in turn can reduce stress. Lower stress levels reduce the perception of pain and help the mother to feel more confident about her ability to give birth.

Benefits of using a Birth Tub:

* The birthing tub may be used for labor only or for both labor & delivery of the baby. The mother’s midwife or doctor will advise the couple of the best delivery option for Mom and her baby.