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Pool Rental Fees

Please Note:
We are now only offering Delivery, Pickup, Set-Up & Take Down Services to pool renters who are also birth clients.

6' Birth Spa                        $ 350    - basic rental kit (fill hose not included)

Birth Pool In A Box             $ 100    - basic rental kit (fill hose not included)

Accessories Kit - Deluxe     $ 100    - fill & drain hoses are included along with many other accessories

Set-up Service                    $   50 (spa)   ~ or ~   $25 (BPIAB) ........ (birth clients only)

Take-down Service             $ 100 (spa)   ~ or ~   $50 (BPIAB) ........ (birth clients only)

Delivery                              $ .50 per mile (birth clients only)

Pick Up                               $ .50 per mile (birth clients only)

     Discounts are offered to Birth Circle members in good standing & renters who are using other birth services. 
Birth Circle
membership dues are $12 per 1/2 year.

We cannot reserve your due date on our calendar UNLESS we have……

  1. A fully completed & signed Rental Agreement.
    ~ Please call our office to check on availability first!

  2. A personal conversation with you about expected due dates.

  3. A $25 or $100 non-refundable deposit (applies towards your $100 or $350 rental fee)

  4. A $150 security deposit (if both set-up & take down services are not requested)
    ~ If you are not using our birth services, you must send in an extra check for the $150 security deposit.

When filling out your rental agreement, please include ALL of your contact phone numbers so that we can reach you for questions and to confirm your order.